This Black-owned wine shop is making its way to Oakland’s Black Arts Movement District.

CoCo Noir Wine Shop & Bar was co-founded by Bay area natives Mari Kemp and Alicia Kidd and will open during the first quarter of 2021 with a focus on BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) along with women-owned brands made around the country. They will also work globally to pair them with a curated menu of small bites, reports EURweb.

“We founded CoCo Noir to be a disruptor in the wine industry by offering a platform and a space for winemakers of color and women producing amazing wines and also expose those wines to an amazing demographic of people,” said Kidd, wine distributor and founder of The Wine Noire.

Both of these women entrepreneurs aim to influence the wine culture that has continuously risen in Oakland’s nationally recognized culinary scene.

Located at 13th and Webster, Kemp and Kidd want CoCo Noir to be a place where all wine lovers (no matter the level) can not only purchase their favorite bottles but enjoy a glass while immersed in the captivating community culture.

“Part of being able to create CoCo Noir is to have a place where people can feel comfortable to be themselves, to be human, while also enjoying the fruits of the community, of the local arts as well as global libations of different wines that we will be offering,” said San Francisco native, Kemp, who built a successful career in both real estate investment and tech.

Upon the launch of their Wefunder campaign back in September, Kemp and Kidd have locked in investments of more than $70,000 from over 100 investors and micro-investors who are also excited to be a part of bringing both culture and community to wine lovers in the downtown Oakland area.

Credibles co-founder — Arno Hesse —  recognizes the women’s innovative vision to celebrate diversity in the wine industry.

“Their plans are ambitious but grounding in a sense of realism. CoCo Noir is honing in on a very promising location in Oakland, which could serve as a launchpad to branching out even further,” Hesse said.

For now, Kemp and Kidd currently host virtual tasting events and experiences with groups and individuals around the country to provide an inside taste of what’s to come with CoCo Noir.

Not only will they carefully curate tasty small bite and wine offerings, but the highly anticipated business will also have the first-of-its-kind mobile app along with space for working professionals looking to switch up their scenery. This will also be the place to be for groups looking to host events with wine as the center of attention!

For more on CoCo Noir Wine Shop & Bar’s Wefunder campaign details, click here.