This Black woman took her last $10, invested it into NFTs, and now says she makes six figures. Now this is an inspiring story we can get behind!

CNBC recently reported on the story of Brittany Pierre, a 36-year-old Black woman from Chicago, IL, who once lived paycheck-to-paycheck. She told the outlet that her financial situation was very “touch and go,” and that she struggled to pay rent and her other bills at times.

But that all changed, she said, when she began investing in NFTs.

“It was really hard to do $50 photoshoots, trying to peddle $30 prints. I’d have bookings here and there, but it wasn’t sustainable,” she said to the outlet. “That first couple of $200, $300 [NFT] sales was a lot for me. That’s exactly what I needed to pay rent.”

Pierre also said that she was inspired by the work of Elise Swopes — a Black woman who also made it “big” with NFTs, and happens to be a friend of hers — which is why she felt comfortable investing her last $10 in the project.

“Last year has been the first year that I could live completely abundantly, more with my heart, than I ever have been able to,” she said. “I’ve never had a job over $15 an hour, and last year, I was able to make a little over $100,000.”

We’re definitely here for Black women winning!