On this week’s episode of Black Tech Green Money, host Will Lucas speaks to Sevetri Wilson to explore the ins and outs of how nonprofits are created and maintained, as well as share actionable advice on how to scale your nonprofit to the next level.

Wilson is the founder and CEO of Resilia, the New Orleans based tech startup established in 2015 to revolutionize and accelerate the formation process of new nonprofits, help existing organizations execute their mission, and work with enterprises to deploy billions in annual funding to support organizations in driving results.

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As the first Black woman in New Orleans to raise over $1M in venture capital, and the only Black founder that leads a venture-backed tech startup in the state of Louisiana, Sevetri Wilson is what most would consider peak Black Girl Magic.

“When I think about influence, I think about things that can drive elections, people that can drive people to the polls and help influence someone getting into a position,”  Wilson says. “When you begin to have that type of influence in your community and in your business circles, people begin to reach out to you because you make them more competitive.”

According to Wilson, her passion and drive allowed her to “learn the game from larger companies early on” and get hip to how to successfully run her own businesses.

Resilia isn’t the only company that she has under her belt. She is also the founder of Solid Ground Innovations, LLC, a full-service firm that provides professional management and consulting services.

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“I’m a big believer in trying to bring organizations together,” says Wilson, who also emphasizes the importance of narrowing the focus of your organization and figuring out how to find individuals that support that specific cause and champion for that same principle.

When asked what advice she has for organizations in the nonprofit space, she tells Black Tech Green Money they must “bring it in” and hone in on perfecting that one thing before branching out to do more.

For more on how Sevetri Wilson created Resilia’s software to diversify and remove biases that prevent organizations from getting in front of the dollars that they deserve, check out the episode below and subscribe to the Black Tech Green Money podcast on iTunes and Spotify.