In this day and age of entrepreneurship, seldom do we have voices or representatives that truly encompass building within our communities and providing structure for the next generation to do so. On the inaugural episode of the Black Tech Green Money podcast hosted by Will Lucas, founder and CEO of Blavity Inc., Morgan DeBaun, offers her perspective on having a majority-Black workforce and how, as a people, we should strive to achieve a similar goal within our own startups and businesses.

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In 2014, Morgan DeBaun along with Aaron Samuels and Jeff Nelson founded Blavity Inc. as their solution to the lack of Black millennial representation in media. Under the Blavity Inc. umbrella are the online publications, Shadow & Act, Travel Noire, 21Ninety, and AfroTech.  Blavity also launched the AfroTech conference which serves as the largest Black tech conference in the country.

“I need people around us, around our mission, around my employees, around my audience, that are a reflection of our passion,” DeBaun tells the Black Tech Green Money podcast.

During her interview, Morgan also takes time out to discuss a few varying pros and cons that can drain most from pursuing their entrepreneurial dream.  For Morgan, there is no coasting. There was no time to stop and smell the flowers. There is only the grind and you rest as you can.

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“Entrepreneurship is a journey and a lifetime for me, it’s a way of life,” she says. “There is no final destination, it’s just a part of who I am”

Morgan speaks with the conviction of a go-getter that is seldom seen in the business world. This episode’s focus is on Morgan’s journey to becoming the driving force behind her company and the path she walked (at times barefoot) to get to the status that she has rightfully achieved. A position that requires hitting the pavement, sleepless nights, networking, researching, and other made movements to the road to success. If ever there were a time to take notes on how to enter the entrepreneurial world and the moves you should make on the chessboard that is the business world, Morgan DeBaun is giving you free lessons on how to move like Bobby Fisher.

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