Learning how to properly budget your income is one of the building blocks for attaining financial literacy. With keeping up with bills and unexpected expenses, it can become easy to slip onto a path of neglecting taking action in creating a game plan for monthly spending.

Here are budgeting and saving apps led by Black founders that guide you to keep track of your coins.

1. Qoins

Qoins’ mission isn’t only to help underrepresented communities pay off their debt, but also to build healthy financial habits. To help people stay on track and improve their financial wellness, the app features tools such as the Qoins Savings Goal Tracker and Qoins Budget Template. With Qoins, it’s all about keeping both short and long-term goals in mind.

In 2021, the platform hit a milestone of paying over $20 million in debt. Founder and CTO Nate Washington also shared with AfroTech that the team plans on “continuing to become a household name for debt repayment, improving finances, etc.”

2. Goalsetter

Making the act of becoming financially literate into a family affair is a special experience. While Goalsetter primarily aims to help provide financial education for Black and brown kids, the app is for all ages in households. As previously reported by AfroTech, founder Tanya Van Court created her platform to help her communities create generational wealth. Since its launch in 2019, Goalsetter has secured big name investors including Kevin Durant, Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony, and Sterling K. Brown.

3. Breaux Capital

Breaux Capital is specifically tailored for Black men who are seeking to learn the ropes of controlling their finances. Founded by Brian L. Williams, Ras Asan, and Derrius Quarles, the fintech company is supporting its community through resources like savings automation, educational content, and more. The team, which is led by HBCU grads, works to not exclude Black millennials but to support Black millennials.

4. CapWay

Founder and CEO Sheena Allen created CapWay to take everyone from Point A to Z of the financial race. The app offers more than just banking security, but rather overall financial access and opportunities.

When a money account is created on the app, it commences the process of growth. Under its dedication to financial literacy, CapWay leads users to create and save with the featured tools of Money Goal Buckets, as well as Track Transactions and Spending Categories.

5. Altro

Financial literacy is at the core of this free app backed by Jay-Z, Chris Paul, and more. With financial power being the ultimate destination, Altro — founded by Michael Broughton — supports its users with financial knowledge that includes how to manage money and save. Under the statement “Credit saves you money,” the app ultimately leads people to strengthen their credit score.