Two sisters are keeping the fire burning on the path their mother carved in the automotive industry.

Angie Carothers is a mastermind at building engines. In Bowling Green, KY, she is known as one of the top engine builders at General Motors‘ Performance Build Center, according to ABC News.

“I was the first female in the PBC to get the first perfect ten engines in a row,” Carothers told the outlet. “In 2020 and 2021, I’ve built the most engines in the whole shop. All the women, all the men, out of everybody. Even the best builder.”

The inspiration behind Carothers’ pursuit to work for General Motors as well as her work ethic comes from her father. While he was opposed to the idea, she still chased it and followed through.

After mastering her skill set, the engine builder and mother is guiding her daughters, Latrice and Charisse, to follow in her career footsteps at General Motors. The outlet details that the women build high-performance engines for models of Chevrolet Corvettes, Camaros, Cadillacs, and more. Additionally, each engine they build has their name imprinted on it.

“For somebody to actually get a Charisse Walters engine, they reach out to me like, ‘Oh, is it true you’re really a female? Did you really build it?'” said Charisse, who is a team leader in the PBC.

Latrice notes that less than 15% of those who work at the plant are women. Nonetheless, Carothers defied what’s considered “the standard” and inspired Latrice and Charisse to do the same.

“I thought factory work was a man’s job until I seen that my mom did it,” Latrice, who works as an assembler, shared. “She came in here and she actually set the standard for me and my sister.”

She added, “We actually work with several men. And to be able to do the same thing that they do and do it better, it makes me feel good.”