Ask anyone with sense: Black people are the culture and it’s our greatest currency. It’s a well-known fact — from TikTok dance influencers to chart-topping musicians — Black people drive every aspect of what’s trendy and marketable.

As a result, companies generate millions on what the Black community deems cool. With Streamlytics — an L.A. startup founded by Angela Benton — Black consumers can now own and get paid for their online activity with “Clture,” a new data-driven enterprise.

According to The Grio, actress and producer Issa Rae announced the new venture recently on Instagram. Accompanied by a video featuring popular social media personalities over the years, including Kayla Newman, Rae emphasized the value of Black data.

“Our data is valuable, and @clturecapital was created for us to own it,” she wrote.

Rae, who will operate as an owner within the company, invested in Benton’s tech company last September.

“Her pioneering work as both a creator and as a businesswoman creating digital-first content that has transcended the internet-only medium aligns seamlessly with our company’s core values on ownership,” Benton said in a prior statement.

Benton is a staple in the tech world. Along with Streamlytics, the Silicon Valley powerhouse’s portfolio also includes NewME, an accelerator for entrepreneurs of color.

Throughout her career, she has been dedicated to helping Black creators receive the proper funding for their groundbreaking ideas and work, with Clture being no different.

Clture allows you to connect your most used streaming accounts, helps you to create a Data License in order to own your information, and, most importantly, assists you in getting paid for the content you stream.

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