There is nothing like the power and wit of a Black woman, period.

On the heels of the 65th annual Grammy Awards night, the world celebrates Beyoncé — whose career spans about 26 years — for becoming the most decorated artist of the esteemed event.

“After winning the award for Best Dance/Electronic Music Album, Beyoncé now holds the all-time record for most GRAMMY wins. While George Solti had previously held that incredible honor, Queen Bey has now overtaken the classical conductor thanks in part to her powerful 2022 record, RENAISSANCE,” shared on Feb. 5.

The highly-anticipated “Renaissance” has led Beyoncé to have 32 Grammy Awards under her belt along with 88 nominations.


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As a woman of many firsts, it’s not lost on us that behind Beyoncé’s success is yet another Black woman who has worked alongside her since her Destiny’s Child days.

Her name is Yvette Noel-Schure, and she is Beyoncé’s publicist.

“I’m a protector,” said Noel-Schure in an interview with Forbes in 2022. “I’m a protector of narratives, and I’m an executioner. Whatever she wants executed I’m here.”

How It All Started

Despite having served as a publicist to some of the biggest names in the game, including Mariah Carey, Prince, John Legend, and Queen Bey herself, Noel-Schure didn’t have dreams of holding that title, but somehow life landed her the role, and she hasn’t let up ever since.

From 1993 to 2010, Noel-Schure worked with the aforementioned artists for Sony. She eventually became the label’s senior vice president of media.

When she had initially immigrated to the states at 14-year-old to help support her mother, Noel-Schure took her love for journalism a step further and ultimately landed a position at Black Beat Magazine as an editor in 1985.

After she was assigned her biggest profile at the time in 1993 with budding pop icon Mariah Carey, Noel-Schure was relentless in tracking down the right people to land the interview.

Little did she know that it would further catapult her into her destiny.

Then Senior Vice President of Marketing and Media at Columbia Records Larry Jenkins was so impressed with Noel-Schure’s work that he tracked her down with an offer that she initially wanted to reject — a job within the company’s media department.

“I was really against taking this job of being a publicist,” she shared.

She took the role under one condition, she would defy the odds when it came to the frantic, stressful, and sometimes rude nature of publicists she had encountered as someone on the other side of the business.

From Destiny's Child To Now

In 1997, Noel-Schure was introduced to Beyoncé as a member of one of the greatest girl groups of all time, having spent time working with Destiny’s Child prior to her client’s decision to go solo.

“Her approach was so dope,” said fellow former Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland. “[Yvette] is able to really get to know her artists. [She can] understand their thoughts, and little ‘isms’ and things that they haven’t been able to talk about, and then describe that to other people. And it was brilliant.”

She Is As Humble As They Come

Between breaking records like becoming the first Black woman to headline Coachella, and becoming one of the first artists to release a visual album with “Lemonade,” Noel-Schure has never left Beyoncé’s side. However, the publicist says she takes “absolutely no credit” for the “Crazy In Love” crooner’s massive success.

“Noel-Schure is modest when it comes to her biggest client’s biggest successes. ‘I take absolutely no credit for that,’ she says. But those who’ve been on the receiving end of her work say Noel-Schure goes beyond the typical publicist job duties of issuing press releases, securing magazine photoshoots and shaping musicians’ public comments,” Forbes reports.

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Success Is The Only Option

In addition to her work as Beyoncé’s publicist, she also serves as the primary publicist for the production, management, and entertainment company, Parkwood Entertainment, led by the Texas native, Forbes reports.

And when she’s not doing that, the outlet shared that she is the co-founder of Schure Media Group alongside her husband. Noel-Schure is also the Chief Communications Officer of the company, which was launched in 2010 with Beyoncé as its first client.

Her Motto

“I live by these three words: patience, passion, persistence,” Noel-Schure revealed, according to Forbes. “That is how I run my company; that is how I run my life. Things take time, be patient. Persistence is a good thing. You don’t have to be a fly about it, but you do have to be passionate enough to not sit and take no.”