According to some estimates, live streaming will be a $70 billion dollar industry by 2021. Today, live streaming is highly popular among internet users and will only grow in popularity, especially with the COVID=19 pandemic.

Interested in streaming your content? Below is a list of popular streaming platforms you can leverage to grow your audience.

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Since most of us spend time on Instagram every day, it only makes sense to use the platform to live stream your content. Instagram live usage has increased by 70% this past March when the U.S. quarantine began.

Instagram Live is a great platform that allows you to:

  • Save your live streams to post on your feed.
  • Notify your followers when you start streaming.
  • Join other Instagrammers lives and vice versa.


YouTube Live is the most powerful live streaming platform in the world. Since YouTube a Google-owned business, it has a big advantage over other streaming platforms in terms of searchability and SEO, The platform is also a favorite for video content creators and publishers because it has:

  • Useful analytic tools
  • Access to a massive audience
  • Live chat feature
  • Options to save live streams for later viewing.


Twitch has more than 3 billion hours watched in the first hour of 2020 and over 15 million unique daily visitors. This extremely high traffic and usage is a clear indicator that Twitch is a major competitor for the crown of live streaming champ. Even though Twitch was solely designed for gamers, it’s definitely evolving into a more versatile streaming platform. Twitch is an awesome choice for content creators because:

  • It’s easy to connect.
  • Twitch users watch for 95 minutes per day.
  • Twitch separates stream content into categories to guide interested viewers in your direction.

While there are a host of other live streaming platforms out there, these are the best in terms of audience reach and features. Choose one that’s right for you or use more than one to maximize your viewership. If you choose the latter, don’t overwhelm yourself, which can negatively affect the quality of your content.