Babyface’s talents have been a force to be reckoned with since he graced the music world with his presence 36 years ago.

However, this didn’t stop the “It’s No Crime” artist from experiencing the pitfalls caused by the merger of music and business.

A publishing deal was off the table: During a recent conversation on The Breakfast Club, Babyface revealed when he first signed to a record label, a publishing deal was never up for discussion nor did he receive an advance.

“[I] didn’t have one, to begin with. Our publishing was just taken because we signed up to the record company. So, it was like they take it automatically. You didn’t get any advance or anything. So we’ve been through it all,” Babyface said.

The artist also added that his story is just one of many horrors experienced by those in the industry as they too can attest to the misfortunes inflicted by record companies.

“Initially, back in those days, when you start out, you know, you gotta roll with what happens,” Babyface explained. “So, if the record company’s gonna take half and you wanna get a deal, then that’s what it is. And everybody went through [that]. I’m sure Teddy and every[body], we can all give you horror stories on publishing rights. But it’s gotten a lot better these days.”

Fortunately, for artists, there are many other avenues for them to profit from their music outside of publishing deals. Babyface believes that back then, artists had to just accept what they were given. What’s more, he believes the industry has made strides since then.

“It’s a whole different game at this particular point. And it’s not even all about the music. If you’re a star, then you can make money in so many other places, and it’s not really just about the music. So, it’s a whole different game today,” Babyface said.

Babyface Now Has His Own Publishing Company

The industry is also improving, thanks to seasoned artists who are working to create a more hopeful future for rising stars. Babyface is setting an example through his own publishing company Good Vibes Music Group, created alongside Jason Murray of Black Box Music in 2018.

“Good Vibes Music Group is a publishing company where the artistry comes first, and the business is the tailwind supporting it. At our core, we believe in fair and transparent deals that will allow songwriters and producers to grow both artistically and financially. Integrity is the focus as we assist our creatives in navigating an ever-changing music industry,” Murray said in a news release.

“I believe that all over the world there are incredible songwriters and producers that have never been discovered,” said Babyface, according to a press release. “There has likely been many over the years that we’ve missed out on, that was even better than the top songwriters and producers we cherish today, we just weren’t able to see them – weren’t able to hear them. That’s what I’m most excited about.  With the launch of our Good Vibes Discovery Song Camp and Good Vibes Music Group, we are giving those songwriters and producers a chance to be heard, to be mentored, and to realize their dreams.”