If you ever wanted to get the people going or keep up the momentum of a moment, all you have to do is ask the iconic question from Lil Jon’s 2013 smash hit, “Turn Down for What?”

And when you are an athlete, optimal performance and vitality are critical to maintaining success on the field and the court. While many products claim they are there to help, the folks behind the B1 Performance Patch believe their product is the top-tier option for athletes and the everyday person.

Founded by Jerry Castello, a sports coach, and former D1 athlete, B1 was able to strike a deal to become the official performance patch of seven Division 1 Athletic conferences. Self-proclaimed as the Ray Kroc of the sports world, Castello is utilizing his love of sports and his knowledge about optimal performance to ensure B1 is on the body of everyone who needs that boost to go to the next level.

The Magic Behind The Patch

Castello spent some time with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. From his time there, he learned more about the benefits of thiamine and how it impacts those who need it. The B1 Performance Patch contains thiamine, Vitamin B1, to boost stamina and energy.

“We perfected a mixture of ingredients that will go into your bloodstream when you wear it. Imagine a marathon runner running with an IV attached instead of getting cups of water a lot,” Castello explained.

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Wear It And Forget About It

Putting on the patch is not a hard thing at all. It can be applied to any part of the body with clean, dry, hairless skin. The patch responds to body heat.

“There’s no chemical in it at all. If you put it on the hair, the thiamine will leave the patch, but you won’t get the full dose,” Castello said. “But if you put it on a dry, hairless area, before you start sweating, no matter how much you sweat and perspire throughout the game, it won’t come off.”

It Was A Matter Of Trust

When Castello and his team first launched, it was hard to convince people to wear the patch. Like many new products with big promises, there was some skepticism. However, according to Castello, because the product “absolutely works,” once he got a few people to try it, it was easy to get others to jump on board.

“So being a division one athlete, being in New York, having friends like Pepper Johnson, having friends like Chris Mullin, knowing coaches like Rick Pitino, people like this — I was able to ask a favor and say, ‘Hey, can you get a friend to try it? Just to try it?’ And then the next thing you know, they’re having these killer workouts two a day in camp, and then they put the patch on saying, ‘I feel better. I really feel better,” Castello recalled.

Now, the patch can be seen across several sports by high-profile athletes.

“I have noticed a significant energy advantage late in games. Shout out B1 stamina,” said Mario Chalmers, formerly of the Memphis Grizzlies.

“As a ten-year veteran, nutrition and body management are crucial to a long career. The B1 patch has been a part of that for the last two years,” explained Devin McCourty of the New England Patriots.

Courtesy of B1 Performance Patch

The Power Of College Athletes

NIL deals changed how college athletes interact with brands. However, with support from professional athletes and investors in B1 like Jerome Baker, they can go back to their alma mater to talk to athletic departments and explain the benefits of the B1 Performance Patch.

However, Castello didn’t let the NIL changes stop him. The brand now has legal rights to promote the product to college athletes for greater exposure.

“Now we are able to do it with the NIL legally, and the floodgate’s opened. Because now we would go after, you know, college athletes and say, ‘Hey, listen, we’ll put your name on it. If you make an appearance, we can pay you for it,” Castello pointed out.

Promotion And Brand Awareness

Another piece of the patch’s ability is that it can be branded in many different ways. From team logos to individual names, the B1 Performance Patch can be a promotional piece or a way to bring awareness to any cause.

“It not only delivers the thiamin, but we can put messaging, and we can put different logos, team logos, and event logos on there. And, we did this ten years ago and are proud to say that right now, we’re the number one company in America,” Castello said.

A Product For Everyone

While athletes may be the target market, the patch is for everyone. Castello wants the everyday person to wear it. Outside of the athletic community, Castello talked about people like Fabolous and Dave Chappelle wearing the patch and how they are just proponents of the product with no financial ties.

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B1 Performance patch expanded to help those who get a little too turned up and need a way to come back down with its hangover patch.

So, no matter who you are and where you find yourself, the B1 Patch wants to be a part of your performance journey.