Ariana Fletcher says she is next up to become a billionaire, and she is hoping to reach this feat through her cosmetics line.


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As AfroTech previously told you, Fletcher launched Remedy By Ari, and introduced her rendition of lip glosses and eyeshadows, among other products.

Now, Fletcher has shared that she aspires to elevate her brand to billion-dollar status, joining the ranks of Rihanna and Kylie Jenner.

“I’m coming for number three. Imma see y’all soon boo,” Fletcher said on an episode of Assets Over Liabilities.

Fletcher has used the power of her influence, which started on social media, to turn eyes into dollars.

She can certainly thank platforms such as Instagram for helping to bring her name into the limelight. However, she also hopes her cosmetics line will help her pivot away from the label of “Instagram girl” because she wants to be taken more seriously in the world of business.

Her entrepreneurial goals will also help to ensure her brand security isn’t solely tied to social media.

Fletcher says she’s lost her Instagram page twice, which reminded her to make sure she is making money moves in the real world, too.

“I don’t wanna be the Instagram girl, you know? Like that’s not who I wanna be. Like I’m a real businesswoman… and I need people to take me seriously,” Fletcher explained on the episode.

She continued: “I lost my Instagram page at one point and when I lost my page it was like, ‘Now look at you. What you about to do?’… I needed to lose it. Like I needed that because it’s like you gotta do something that’s bigger than Instagram.”

Back in 2020, AfroTech had a chance to sit down with the businesswoman.

“According to her, she makes about $150,000 from Instagram alone per month and has profited over a million dollars from the platform by promoting big brands,” we reported at the time.

However, even back then, she wanted to cement her name in the world of business. Fletcher told AfroTech that the foundation was built when she was a young woman.

“When I was younger, being able to be around people who had strong business practices showed me the value of my platforms,” she previously told AfroTech. “Unlike some social media influencers, I actually converted my [platform] into a business that generates money for me.”

Now, it seems she’s ready to take it up a notch.