Subways in New York are getting an upgrade.

On their Q2 conference call, Apple confirmed that riders will see Apple Pay on New York’s transit system by the end of the summer, letting you forego having to walk around with a Metrocard all day that you probably lose once a week anyway.

Apple may not be the only tech giant to offer its products to NYC riders. The city has plans for a wider contactless payment project called OMNY that could include other payment systems. That’s scheduled to launch at the end of May, but it will only impact certain bus routes and subway lines. The program isn’t expected to roll out until 2020, although some riders say they’ve already seen some of the equipment set up in stations across the city.

The MTA has also made other huge technical improvements within the past year, one of which being an updated transit app.

Hopefully the payment system changes on the horizon will make catching the train in New York a little more seamless. And hey, you might just get somewhere on time.