Feeling cute? Using that exact caption for your Instagram photo because you can’t come up with anything else?

Well, two HBCU grads have the answer for such a cyber woe with the Caption Any Photo app.

The app came to fruition after co-founder JaBre’ Jennings eventually came up with the idea for a class project and created a mock-up of the app. After the app was completed, he and his business partner Juwon Nicholson toured the country with it. 

“We went up and down the East Coast with it,” Jennings told Technical.ly.

Both men attended the University of Maryland Eastern Shore and have certainly made their alma mater proud.

Caption Any Photo makes it easy to find the appropriate blurbs by dividing them into categories including homecoming and girls’ night out. The app has over 35K options and many of them come from common sources like song lyrics, according to an interview  the men did with FOX45.

The app isn’t just for people who wanna flex on Instagram. It could be used as a marketing tool.

“We found that a lot of businesses were having a lack of engagement due to not knowing what to post,” Jennings said. “So what our app does is once you find the photo, we give you the quote and caption to actually let you post to social media and increase engagement.”

The app is currently available on Apple phones and the team is working on making it available to Android users in June. The pair also want to develop a subscription service for businesses and brands.