Talk about taking the saying “if you don’t like how something is done, do it yourself” to a whole new level!

After working in corporate human resource roles for years Antisha Walley found herself disagreeing with the ways operations were being run. At the top of 2020, she made the decision to take matters into her own hands and launched her very own human resources consultancy company, Make the Change, LLC, according to Insider.

Despite kick-starting her own business in January 2020, the 39-year-old Air Force veteran did not quit her day job until 2021. By then, her sales grew to over $50,000. However, in the beginning, she had one paying client who brought in $3,000 in sales. On the other hand, her full-time job brought in a guaranteed $80,000 per year.

A Leap Of Faith

Walley may have been on a mission to put her all into something that was all her own, but she did give herself a bit of a cushion by renting out a single-family property she owned. Thanks to this investment, she had an additional annual income of $18,000.

“For anyone who’s an aspiring entrepreneur, it’s always a really good idea — if you can — to have some type of supplemental income or nest egg,” said Walley. “A savings somewhere for those times, where you may not actually be generating the income or revenue that you hope for.”

Years In The Making

“People around me showed me that even though we weren’t in the best circumstances in terms of the area where we lived and grew up, we could make the best out of that circumstance,” she revealed. “So, starting my own business wasn’t as scary to me as it might have been for some people.”

Walley now anticipates reaching over $100,000 this year, and she is expecting to pocket $70,000 if things stay on course.