The Black cultural anthem “knuck if you buck” just took on a whole new meaning as heavyweight boxer Anthony Joshua inked a new deal with DAZN Group.

The global sports entertainment company announced the new deal, which will broadcast Joshua’s future fights on their platform to customers across the globe.

Making Moves In And Out The Ring

According to a post about the deal, DAZN noted that Joshua’s relationship with the company will be three-fold: shareholder, special advisor, and brand ambassador. Specifically as a special advisor, Joshua will be a part of the group’s strategic advisory board, helping to develop and expand its boxing catalog.

“I am entering a new phase in my career with a new training environment, new coaches, and now a new broadcaster,” Joshua said of the deal. “Negotiations at this level take time, so I am pleased to have it all wrapped up, and now I can fully focus on giving the fans and DAZN what they want, knockouts in the glamour division.”


A Partnership For The Ages

The long-term deal means that Joshua’s fights will be broadcast in the United Kingdom on DAZN’s pay-per-view platform. The agreement also comes with a reported two-fight minimum per year over the five-year term.

“DAZN’s vision and passion to innovate is what attracted me to the partnership. They are leading the digital landscape in sports and the future of sports broadcasting. I am really looking forward to a long and successful partnership,” Joshua added about the new deal.

Additionally, representatives of DAZN are ecstatic about the deal with the Nigerian boxer.

“AJ is a hugely popular and influential sportsman,” said Shay Segev, CEO of DAZN Group. “His alignment with us and his investment in our business speaks volumes. This deal is his seal of approval for our vision and our direction as a business. We welcome his passion, his drive, and – most significantly – the vast audiences he attracts.