Amber Rose Levonchuck may have started her career as the girlfriend of rapper Kanye West, but she’s proven that she’s far more than just attractive arm candy.

After failed attempts at being a stripper and a crack dealer (she told Van Lathan that she tried to be a drug dealer but “wasn’t successful”), Amber Rose decided to make an impact in a much bigger way. Although she initially tried her hand at fashion design and music, she ultimately became known for changing the conversation around sexual assault with her annual “SlutWalk.”

An offshoot of the original Canadian movement, which began in 2011, the SlutWalk in Los Angeles emphasized the importance of respecting women’s bodily autonomy. It opened the conversation for women to talk about their sexual experiences freely and honestly, without fear of shame or reprisal. And it demanded that women’s trauma — especially sexual trauma — have a relevant place in the larger conversation against sex and violence.

These moves, combined with her other successful business moves that include a best-selling book and a music career, have given Amber Rose a reported $12 million net worth, according to Celebrity Net Worth. 

Let’s take a look at how she’s written her own narrative with pride.

Editorial note: The net worth listed in this piece is a speculative estimate drawn from a variety of online sources.


Photo Credit: Brad Barket

In 2012, Amber Rose released her first — and, to date, only — musical project with then-husband Wiz Khalifa. That project yielded two hit singles: “Fame” and “Loaded.” She also appeared on Wiz Khalifa’s hit single, “Rise Above,” which was released in 2014. Amber Rose was managed by Miley Cyrus’s mother during her short-lived music career. Today, however, she’s managed by Nick Cannon, according to Us Weekly.

Clothing Line

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According to MTV, Amber Rose teamed up with her good friend Priscilla Ono to launch the short-lived Rose & Ono clothing line. The line, which also had an eyewear line, catered to so-called “curvy” women.


Photo Credit: Paul Archuleta

In 2015, Amber Rose released a best-selling book called “How To Be A Bad Bitch.”

The book featured a cover image by famed photographer Dave LaChapelle.

The SlutWalk

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Amber Rose’s best-known business venture, to date, is the “SlutWalk.” It should be noted, though, that she wasn’t the first person to create the SlutWalk. It was originally launched in Canada in 2011, in response to a police officer’s comments about “women dressing like sluts” in response to the growing rape crisis in Toronto.

But Rose was responsible for bringing it to the United States, and in 2015, she launched the inaugural American #SlutWalk in Los Angeles. At the time, CNN called it “controversial,” because of the use of the word “slut” (Apparently, though, it was okay for the police officer to accuse a rape victim of “asking for it” by using the word).

But today, the Slut Walk is seen as being the groundbreaking movement it was — and it proved that Amber Rose was nothing if not ahead of her time.