If you want to make it as a seller on Amazon, then you have to utilize ads. However, a group of sellers may have just taken a big hit on their sales, thanks to Amazon’s own error.

Amazon employees have mistakenly removed ads with religious content, according to CNBC. Multiple sellers told the outlet that an email said their ads were blocked because of a “new policy update” that involves banning ads with “religious content.”

Banning religious content in ads doesn’t make sense on a platform like Amazon because sellers have to depend on ads. That’s essentially saying anything with religious content can’t be sold on the site.

Now, Amazon says that it was all a mix up on the employee’s end. A spokesperson told CNBC that the email contained “inaccurate information” and there were not any changes made to policies. The spokesperson also said corrective training is being provided.

Over the past few years, Amazon has put a lot of focus into increasing its ad business. In 2018, the company showed off how it could possibly use voice-assisted product placement.

All of that is great, but sellers have to trust that Amazon won’t randomly suspend their ads. This may not seem like a huge issue overall, but even a small slip up can cost companies a lot.