Meet Alniesha Carter, the First Black Woman to Own a Tax Franchise System in the U.S.
Photo Credit: Instagram / @alnieshacarter

Meet Alniesha Carter, the First Black Woman to Own a Tax Franchise System in the U.S.

Alniesha Carter is the first Black woman to own a tax franchise business in the United States.

According to Black Business, her company, TaxPrep Evolution Inc. (TPE), is already making power moves in the country. Carter has served the U.S. tax industry for over 20 years and has managed to singlehandedly assist more than 50 Black women to become entrepreneurs and business owners.

Per Face2Face Africa, Carter licensed her business model and partnered with others to open multiple tax offices across the U.S. which led her to become the first Black woman to own a tax franchise system.

Carter is a serial entrepreneur herself, having other successful businesses outside of her tax firm. She made the transition from successful restaurateur to owning a fleet of trucks for hauled freight across the country. It is actually her entrepreneurial drive that led her to launch the tax business.

During an interview with Forbes Magazine, Carter shared once she began to build her tax franchise, she felt as though the sector was overlooked due to the extensive amount of development, research, and time to create a successful business model.

“I have experienced discrimination as a black female entrepreneur especially in the banking industry,” she tells the magazine.

A recent study by Citigroup reports that discrimination against minority groups, particularly Blacks, has cost the U.S. economy $16 trillion. It also estimated that if racial gaps closed within the next five years, the U.S. economy could see a $5 trillion boost.

“You have to get educated on credit, debt, interest rates, savings, retirement accounts, real estate, and the stock market. It’s a lot of discipline,” Carter also tells Forbes. “Things that have helped me in terms of getting organized financially are staying on top of my credit and bills, making sure I’m within my budget, making sure I’m putting money away to save, and investments.”

TPE franchising does not require a costly initial investment and their aim is to provide exceptional franchising opportunities that would give its consumers financial freedom.

Their future plans include helping over 100 men and women obtain financial freedom by creating TPE franchise owners across the nation.