Akon is staying busy with his blockchain-powered cryptocurrency Akoin.

As AfroTech previously told you, the currency was created to encourage learning, earning, spending and savings opportunities throughout Africa that is said to expand into other economies. The platform provides a solution to the current challenges faced by entrepreneurs such as inflation, limited access to business tools and services, and restricted government regulation, among others.

Now Akon is finding new ways to leverage the continent’s economy through a newly launched cryptocurrency card that can reportedly be used anywhere where MasterCard is accepted. 

“It’s Done. The official AKOIN Card!!! Which allows you to now spend your AKOIN (AKN) were ever master card is excepted. I’m sure you can’t freely spend your crypto in any of your favorite stores right? Well you can with AKOIN (AKN) so grab yours now on BitMart.com before we expand to the major exchanges,” Akon said in an announcement made via Instagram.


Akon & His Crypto-City Empire

The cryptocurrency card follows the singer’s announcements of creating an African crypto-city empire. As AfroTech previously reported, the Ugandan government had already reserved one square mile of land for the construction of Akon city ​​in Uganda to be complete by 2036.

Although amenities for the city have yet to be announced, it may follow the model of its $6 billion sister city in Senegal that’s said to include a hospital campus, mall, school and police department, amongst other amenities. 

Crypto, The Future & Africa

AfroTech once reported that Akon believes his focus on cryptocurrency and the future will create a “technologically-advanced society” for Africa.

“We want all the latest in future technologies,” he told TMZ about Senegal’s construction, according to Complex. “I don’t want nothing from the old days. I want it all to be based on tomorrow’s technology, and how it’s gonna be built for our future because all the latest technology now is all instruments and minerals, and resources taken from Africa. I’m already in Africa, so we can build everything within the African continent without having to outsource anything from the outside.”