The endless downtime thanks to the pandemic has given Kofi Siriboe time to realize a new business venture, We’re Not Kids Anymore.

According to Shadow & Act, the “Queen Sugar” star will soon launch the media and lifestyle platform that will illuminate and reflect on the cultural resets that helped shaped Black culture and the world.

“I was sitting home like we all were and all of the ideas and all of the things that crossed my heart and mind in the last five years came to the surface and We’re Not Kids Anymore really stood out,” he said. “We’re always looking ahead and creating new things as we move, but I just think it’s important to reflect and actually appreciate and find value in the experiences that shaped us to this moment.”

Siriboe describes We’re Not Kids Anymore as a “network of nostalgia.” Alongside tech partner Julian Lane, he’s creating a space to celebrate time. More specifically, the time between being a kid and an adult.

To kick off WNKA’s first phase, the pair plans to launch a virtual timeline starting at 2000 that will allow site visitors to experience thousands of facts with “the swipe of a finger.”

“We’re talking about the digital revolution, Limewire being created, YouTube being created in 2005, and you know, Twitter was there, MySpace and what happened to Tom,” he said.

Though the platform was slated to go live at the end of last month, it looks as if the digital space is not quite ready. Still, once available, Siriboe’s goal for We’re Not Kids Anymore aims to help young people remember the most culturally rich experiences as time whizzes by.

“I really see a space that expands to a global community where we redesign and reimagine the identity of education we reimagined identity in itself,” he said. “And we really start having fun with our experience as young people in this new world. I think it’s changing so quickly and there are so many definitions that get thrown around, but the truth is it’s happening so fast and it’s happening right now.”

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