Social media marketing has become very important to the way we do business. With over a billion active users as of June 2018, Instagram is a requisite for your business.

In order to grow your business following quickly and get the most out of Instagram, there needs to be a great marketing strategy, and a great strategy requires that you work with the right tools.

There’s a long list of options for Instagram; there are direct publishing tools, picture editing, tools to boost social media presence, or even scheduling. The right combination and use of these tools will help your posts appear right in front of those who need to see them, ensuring that your customers stay true to you.

Here are eight Instagram tools you need to grow your business:


Hootsuite syncs all your social media accounts, taking away the hassle of having to repeatedly post the same content on different platforms. It also lets you respond to comments and engage with your followers directly from the interface.

Hootsuite also lets you track your competition, learn from their marketing strategy, see how engaging their posts are and the kind of hashtags they use.


Grum is a simple scheduling tool that posts your content automatically so you don’t always have to click Publish.

It helps to manage multiple Instagram accounts with ease.


This tool prides itself on its ability to provide useful analytics that gives you the information you need to post the kind of content your followers want, when they want it.

It also helps track your competitors with ease, letting you know the kind of content their audiences engage with.


Buffer is one of the most popular scheduling tools for Instagram. The free version allows for up to 10 scheduled posts. It also offers a feature that helps you track analytics, so you can improve the performance of your posts.

Besides saving your time with its scheduling, you also get reminded to post videos and images.

Facebook Power Editor

Facebook Power Editor is a solution for Instagram advertising. The Social media giant  purchased Instagram, giving users the freedom to specifically build ad campaigns for Instagram.

Ensure you are not overlooking this powerful tool. Link up your Facebook Business with your Instagram account and start managing your ad campaigns with ease.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social lets you manage multiple Instagram accounts at the same time. It has a scheduling feature with queuing tools that ensure that you always have content ready to be published.

It also provides analytics to help track performance and learn when the best times to post are. You can also monitor your competitor’s efforts and track their data. Sprout Social helps build your customer relationships, making sure you stay ahead.


Sometimes, you want to take a break from having to create original content. Repost lets you do that, while interacting with other Instagram users. If you see a post you like and would like to repost, you no longer have to go through taking a screenshot, cropping and coming up with a caption. Repost takes care of all that, allowing you to focus on making sure the post gets to the right users.

Hashtags for Likes

This could prove to be the most important Instagram tool for you, because as you know, hashtags help users discover posts, and it is the best way to grow your following.

Hashtags for Likes saves you time by suggesting the best hashtags for your post.