Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to grow an audience and a community surrounding your brand. Whether you’re a blogger looking to share your work or you have an e-commerce shop and you’re hoping to secure some sales, having a well-put-together newsletter can help you accomplish those goals. There are so many email services out there to choose from, but don’t feel overwhelmed. We’ve rounded up some of our favorites, so check out the list below to figure out which service is a perfect fit for you.

1. MailChimp

You’ve likely already heard of MailChimp, and the service is so popular for a reason. It’s user-friendly, integrates easily with popular sites like Shopify and WordPress, and allows you to do all the creating and formatting you could need in one place. Oh, and it has a free plan for smaller newsletters which could make your newsletter have an incredibly high ROI.

2. ConvertKit

ConvertKit helps you to convert subscribers into customers with content upgrades and incentives easily worked into their structure. It allows you to set up automated messages to send to people who have purchased or people who are still on the fence, maximizing your efficiency.

3. Campaign Monitor

If the thought of creating a totally custom template for your emails stresses you out, Campaign Monitor’s editor might be the solution for you. You can start with premade templates and then customize them further, making the task a bit less daunting. It’s a great option for anyone doing a variety of different email templates for different projects or clients that might need a uniquely tailored design for different email lists.

4. Cordial

Cordial is more than a platform where you can send emails. It also prides itself on being led by a team of pioneers in email marketing who created a software that keeps track of user behavior in order to make targeted, more efficient emails possible. It allows you to watch experiments with various campaigns and to produce smarter emails, now.

5. SendinBlue

SendinBlue is another platform that allows you to directly integrate with your e-commerce site or your blog in order to create automated campaigns, transactional emails and other things that will help you make the most of your content or product.

6. Tinyletter

For anyone with a relatively small list (fewer than 5,000 subscribers), Tinyletter will be perfect (and free) for you. It’s super simplified and will get the job done without too many confusing frills and options getting in the way. It’s well-known because it makes newsletters accessible.

7. Benchmark Email

Benchmarks specialty is helping users create dynamic, responsive email campaigns quickly with their customizable templates. Their templates are also tested to look amazing on multiple platforms (desktop and mobile), which is great considering how many people will be reading your letter during their morning commute or while grabbing some morning coffee.