50 Cent is still making a fortune from his classic hits.

In an interview with Billboard, the “21 Questions” rapper proved that his presence on the big stage is still in demand.

Yesterday's Price Isn't Today's Price

Before 50 Cent became the dominant figure we know today in the world of music and television, he was being booked by Master P for $80,000 a show.

However, yesterday’s price isn’t today’s price as he now receives up to $1 million for a single show.

“I think he gave me like $80,000, and now I’m getting like $900,000, $1 million,” 50 Cent explained to Billboard. “The coolest thing we create in America is celebrities. If you see LeBron [James’] fan base internationally, you’ll argue, ‘Why is he staying here?’ He’s that big internationally. For the most part, I can’t speak for everybody, but the international side of the game is different.”

50 Cent earning a pretty penny is impressive when you consider “Animal Ambition” was his last album, and was released nearly a decade ago.


“I get the attention that I want from music when I want it,” he explained in an interview. “I just went out and toured 45 countries, and everywhere was sold out. That made me want to offer new music that I could integrate into everything now. I’ve done what I wanted to do in the [sales] capacity. I’ve sold over 35 million records — not singles, albums.”

And, he’s not done yet.

Fans can possibly look forward to new music perhaps sooner than later. Billboard reports 50 Cent is in the process of creating a studio album with Dr. Dre and could be featured on a song with Nas for the anticipated album “King’s Disease 4.”

What’s more, 50 Cent plans to embark on a domestic tour and will perform at the 2023 Las Vegas Lovers & Friends Festival.