There is a race to take control of BET.

In the latest update, it’s rumored that 50 Cent, Shaquille O’Neal, and Kenya Barris are interested in purchasing stakes in the company.

According to TMZ, sources closely involved in the matter mentioned 50 Cent and Barris were seen at Paramount’s headquarters in New York City to discuss the potential sale.

As of this writing, it is unclear whether their offer will be accepted. However, a source noted, “It’s not a done deal, but they’re deep in it.”

50 Cent also wrote, “Let’s play let’s make a deal,” on Instagram.


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The group’s interest follows news that Tyler Perry, another media mogul, had confirmed he was looking to acquire as much stake as possible in BET.

“Rumor? No, it’s not a rumor,” Perry told Entertainment Tonight. “I’ve been there for four years now and have tremendous success. I wasn’t expecting this to happen, so, yes — if that is possible, I’m very, very interested in taking as much of it as I can.”

Additionally, AfroTech mentioned Byron Allen is hoping to secure ownership.

“BET is a great American brand and if it becomes available, we’re very interested and we will pursue it vigorously,” he said, according to TheGrio.

Allen also affirmed that there is no tension between him and Perry.

“I love Tyler,” Byron said, according to Page Six.

In regards to the press he added, “If he gets it, it’s great. If I get it, it’s great.”

Perry has shared similar sentiments about the excitement of BET possibly returning to Black owners.

“I’ve read about Byron Allen and, Puffy and everybody wanting to bid and so on and so forth,” Perry expressed to Entertainment Tonight. “I think it’s really great because this is what I love about it. When Bob Johnson sold it in 2000 I think it was, there wasn’t one Black person who could buy it. So now to see all of these Black people, men and women, who are able to be in a position to buy it, that makes me feel really, really excited.”