While social media continues to change the way the world communicates and does business, Instagram is continuing to secure its spot in the ever-changing landscape.

According to Plann That, the platform is on the verge of giving its reported 1 billion monthly users new feature updates.

Check out five new updates Instagram has in the works below.

Monetizing IGTV For Content Creators

Unlike Youtube, Instagram’s IGTV hasn’t been a source of income for influencers and content creators. However, the social media giant is planning on changing that with its new on-platform ads.

Plann That reports the ads will be 15 seconds long and only available when users watch IGTV videos from their feed previews. Content creators and influencers will receive a 55 percent cut of generated ad income.

Platform Revamp

It’s rumored that Instagram is set to revamp its entire platform similar to Facebook’s makeover in 2019. The new design is said to feature a full-screen story mode where users’ stories appear on an entire page instead of only in the header bar above posts.

New Stickers

Instagram plans on taking its sticker game to the next level by upping the ante on its selection choices. The new “DM Me” sticker and the option to add images as stickers have already been rolled out on the platform.

Plann That also reports that IG is set to release a “Plan Sticker” which allows users to schedule online meet-ups where their followers can RSVP their attendance. As a part of Instagram’s cross-platform integration with Facebook messenger, the plan sticker will also allow brands and businesses to host virtual summits and conferences.

TikTok Like “Reels” Video Platform

In response to TikTok, Instagram will roll out its Reels video platform. Reels will allow users to capture 15-second videos and feature a variety of editing tools.

Reels is currently being tested in Brazil, Germany, and France.

Double Stories

Instead of a single row of stories, Instagram is doubling up. The new double-row stories feature will showcase stories on two stacked rows and take up more space on the home page.

With social media platforms adapting quickly, be on the lookout for these five new Instagram features.