2 Chainz is on the mission to help bring in a new wave of Krystal’s supporters.

At the start of the year, the rapper was tapped as the Head of Creative Marketing for the fast-food chain, as previously reported by AfroTech. Under the role, the Atlanta native aims to be a part of the resurgence of the restaurant he loved growing up.

In the announcement of the collaboration, it detailed that 2 Chainz and his team would put Krystal in the spotlight and grow by launching new platforms and partnerships, a custom co-branded Krystal restaurant, a “Luxe Line” of premium food, and NFTs.

Before The Resurgence

Partnering with 2 Chainz comes as a result of Krystal’s ups and downs with funding.

According to Franchise Times, Krystal filed for bankruptcy in 1995 due to “class-action lawsuits from employees over failure to pay overtime.” While the franchise fought through its battles — including an attempt to raise capital — it filed for bankruptcy protection in January 2020. About four months later, Fortress Investment Group acquired the chain for $48 million along with $21.5 million worth of debt.

Within the acquisition, the firm brought Thomas Stager on board as Krystal’s president. Now, he’s working alongside 2 Chainz to shake things up. 

Potential Earnings Thanks To 2 Chainz

Krystal has faith in 2 Chainz to get sales “flowing” with his marketing expertise. The money expected to come in through the team’s game plan is only a plus for what he envisions to come from it all. 

"It’s Actually Bigger Than A Check For Me"

“It’s an identifiable brand that needs to be rebooted,” 2 Chainz said, according to the outlet. “It’s a part of my community. It was a part of my household early on, obviously, before I started moving on and having my own personal chef.”

He continued: “I was someone that ate here, and like I said, it’s a brand, man, that’s very identifiable and with just a little bit of tweaking it’ll be what it once was. That’s what I’m here for, that’s what I’m excited for and that’s why it’s actually bigger than a check for me because I can actually see how I can change a brand like this in real time.”

The Wins So Far

In addition to the marketing, Krystal has seen a profit from launching a mobile app in September 2021. The outlet notes that their off-premise orders grew from two percent of sales to ten percent.

Along For The Ride

To keep the marketing going, Krystal has also featured the likes of Ray J and Brittany Renner, who each have a strong presence on social media.

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