This Tennessee teen just became one of the youngest students to ever attend Clark Atlanta University (CAU).

Emory Pruitt — now 16-years-old — joined the class of 2020 this fall, making her one of the youngest students to ever attend the HBCU located in Atlanta, Georgia, per GA Followers.

In a statement, CAU officials shared that while Pruitt may have graduated with a 3.7 GPA, her path to college was not easy.

“At her hometown high school, she was mocked for being a young Black woman who dared to dream big,” a CAU spokesperson wrote, according to GA Followers. “But the racism and adversity, along with strong family support, only strengthened Pruitt’s resolve.”

What makes this even more special for Pruitt is the fact that her brother, Elijah was also accepted to attend Clark Atlanta this year.

Both were raised by a single mother, Karen Pruitt, who shares her daughter was ecstatic to get accepted into CAU.

“Words would not be able to describe how thrilled and excited she was to have come across a dream come true,” said Karen Pruitt.