We love to see a Black student soar academically! Elijah Precciely, in particular, is a young genius, who at only 14-year-old is on his way to securing his bachelor’s degree.

According to WBRZ2, the Baton Rouge, LA native currently attends Southern University, where he’s a junior double majoring in physics and chemical engineering. In 2019, the science wiz — age 11 at the time — became the school’s youngest person to receive a full-ride scholarship.

While already balancing two rigorous STEM majors, the full-time student and published author is also juggling his interest in other fields.

“He’s able to speak up about his own differences or his own challenges,” said his mother, Pamela Precciely, according to WBRZ2. “Even when it comes to classes, he said he was taking physics and chemical engineering. But he also literally would say, ‘I want to make sure can I get a business class in there.”

Although he has multiple achievements under his belt, Precciely is more focused on being a source of encouragement and inspiration for others.

“Well, I don’t look for just breaking records, I look for changing lives. And in that, I will break records,” he said. “My first priority is to be a shining light to help others, and the second priority is to make sure that I help people like me and people who want to connect with me.”

Being An Inspiration For Future HBCU Students

“You’ll have many Black and brown children to see someone who looks like them and does not have to cater to other institutions that are traditionally known for geniuses,” said his father, Pastor Steven Precciely. “There is a greatness right here at an HBCU. There’s greatness here, and you can shine and you can get a great education here and encourage them to do likewise.”

The Road To His Degree

According to the outlet, Precciely is set to graduate in May 2023.