Small and Independent businesses have grown at a staggering pace in recent years. One of the major contributing factors would have to be the wealth of information available on the internet. There are many websites providing entrepreneurs with the latest information; from market trends to financial advice to motivational wisdom.

As an entrepreneur, you may find it challenging to wade into the vast sea of entrepreneurial websites, all claiming to be offering the right information. Not to worry, if you are an entrepreneur seeking to keep up with the latest trends in business, here are ten websites you should bookmark.


If you’re in need of advice about anything from content advertising to site improvement or referral methodologies, Hubspot is the place for you. They offer marketing advice to different organizations, yet you do not need to buy anything or pay to be featured on their web journal.

Entrepreneur Magazine

Entrepreneur magazine offers genuine answers to the questions entrepreneurs have about business. They offer tips and exclusive news to encourage business growth. It is definitely a resource every entrepreneur should bookmark.


These days, a lot of difficult questions are answered by pooling for answers. This is what Quora offers. On the off chance that you have an important question to ask about your business, the best place to ask would be on Quora. A lot of entrepreneurs, who have gone through similar experiences, will be certain to consider your inquiry and give you an appropriate response.


LinkedIn has proven to be highly indispensable for entrepreneurs, as it is a simple way to discover solutions and counsel on a wide range of topics. It is also useful for finding and hiring the best people for a project.


SCORE offers a platform for free mentorship and guidance. If you need counsel or mentorship from a business person with vast experience in your field, this platform can help with that.


Copyblogger offers you free training and more if you set up a free account. They sell great content marketing services, and just like Hubspot, they have a web journal. They sell great marketing courses and they offer you a two-week test run of Rainmaker, their web-based marketing platform, after which you can opt to purchase if you enjoyed using it.

Inc. Magazine

Inc. magazine equips you with the knowledge you need to begin developing your business. Led by Eric Schurenberg, this platform stands out amongst so many websites for entrepreneurs.


TED, an acronym for Technology, Entertainment and Design invites individuals from all walks of life who are looking to make sense of the world we find ourselves in. TED works for those times when you would rather watch a video than read something.

There are thousands of short videos, famously called TED talks on the TED website. There are sure to be a few videos about whatever question you seek relating to your business.


This blog is extremely helpful if you’re starting an internet based business. It also has a lot of useful marketing information.


Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or a novice, StartupDigest lets you interact with a network of startups in your niche. This creates an environment that allows for faster growth and development.