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November 10th-11th
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Rovina Broomfield

Rovina Broomfield is an advocate for constant learning, creative problem solving, and remaining as curious as possible through life. She is a program manager and team lead for a startup business within Amazon’s global marketing and advertising organization. She is also president of Amazon’s Black Employee Network, which primarily serves to provide a support structure for Black employees at Amazon and to champion diversity throughout the company. Over the past five years, she has enjoyed an exciting career changing functions and businesses — with roles in its core retail businesses, a move into the fast and furious global Alexa Echo devices sales and marketing team, and recently started a new role that she created! Her current venture is an example of Amazon’s famous “working backwards” process for sharing new ideas and maintaining its innovative culture. Outside of work, Rovina participates in mentorship, seminars and speaking engagements with students of color and young adults with tech and non-tech careers about developing positive habits and pushing through the constructs of the corporate world.